Founder & owner Stijn Brands was Born and raised in a small town, not far from the city of Antwerp , Belgium. As a young kid he was always drawing and creating things, living in a fantasy world, a kind of Utopia. He had the opportunity to get into a well-known cooking school for 7 years . Stijn Brands, a former chef in a small restaurant at the Belgium coast. He did it with love and passion for food. Because food is necessary and cooking is an Art . After 11 years he quit his job as a chef to put more energy and time in the passion for photography , design & illustrations. His childhood was an adventure so why wouldn’t it be as a grown up? Sometimes life needs some changes. Back in the days, when he was 15 years old, he already checked out the School of Arts in Antwerp but bescause of circumstances he never had the oppertunity to study any form of Art. Nevertheless, the passion only got bigger. The only thing what's in his mind was going on adventures, exploring new playgrounds, making history, protecting things that are constantly changing, making memories & capturing souls. Helping people to remember things that passed away a long time ago . Creating that smile on your face, giving you back the feeling like it was yesterday. Like that one child that never grows up, he’s trying to make the best out of every living day by taking pictures, designing artwork or creating illustrations. Hopefully he can make you feel the same way about it. And don’t forget,

The Earth without Art is just EH!


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